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It’s time to get back to living the life you know you’re meant to live. One where you wake up everyday feeling good so you can be the best version of yourself and share your unique gifts with the world.

You’ve tried what feels like everything. And while you may have seen some improvements, it’s not enough.

Despite numerous doctors visits, handfuls of medications and supplements, healthy foods, and loving intentions your body won’t cooperate.

You frequently wonder, “how is this my life?” You had dreams and goals & were on a mission to share your gifts with the world.

Instead, you feel exhausted, weighed down and controlled by how you feel everyday. You’ve been forced to sit on the sidelines and watch your dream-life fade away.

You need an expert, a strategist, and an autoimmune specialist. A doctor who will not shrug their shoulders and tell you they have nothing else to offer — but will dig deep, ask tough questions, do the research, look at your whole-health puzzle and think outside the box.

Working With Dr. Anderson

Dr. Anderson works differently than most doctors. Most patients who seek her care have already been to other functional medicine providers and are looking for more. They are “all in” and willing to do whatever it takes to get well.

Dr. Anderson only works with a small number of highly-motivated patients at a time. You finally get the attention you deserve from your doctor. 

And, Dr. Anderson has the time to really get to know you, research your case outside of your appointment time, strategize the best plan for you and be available to you between visits.

She follows the framework of The Anderson Approach®️ with each patient. You get a highly personalized and thorough approach to your wellness plan.

Dr. Anderson works as part of your health care team and is not an alternative to primary medical care. She’s happy to collaborate with your other providers.

As is true with any complex chronic illness, this process takes time. That’s why Dr. Anderson only works with patients who are committed and willing to invest a minimum of 8 months of working together.

If accepted as a patient, you’ll be entering a long-term partnership with Dr. Anderson and you both need to feel confident that this is the best fit. That is why partnering with Dr. Anderson starts with a no-obligation phone call and application.

Your 3-Step Process for Becoming a Patient

Step One:
Introductory Phone Call

You'll start with an introductory no-obligation phone call to explore your health challenges, determine your needs and see if partnering with Dr. Anderson is a good fit for you.
After the call, if you both decide you're a good fit for working together, you'll get started with the New Patient Package. If it's not a good fit, there's no obligation to move forward.

Step Two:
New Patient Package

The New Patient Package includes your first two appointments. These visits create a baseline of your health, uncover any obstacles, and allow time to complete additional lab work if necessary. As part of the package, you'll strategize with Dr. Anderson to create a plan to get you well and then you'll begin the Complete Health Program. This package covers the first 1-2 months of working with Dr. Anderson.

Step Three:
Complete Health Program

After your New Patient Package, you'll transition into the Complete Health Program. You'll take what was discovered in your new patient visits and begin implementing the strategy discussed based on your health and your short and long-term goals. Most likely, you’ll approach your healing in several stages as it’s nearly impossible to tackle everything at once. This program lasts between 6-12 months.

In Our Patients Own Words...

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