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"My health has considerably improved since working with Dr. Anderson."

I am so grateful to be working with Dr. Anderson and for her support. First, I trust her. That should be a given with one's doctor but that’s not been my previous experience. Dr. Anderson genuinely cares. She’s relatable, warm, authentic, compassionate and empathetic. She’s more accessible and available and spends more time with me than other doctors I’ve worked with. This gives me a sense that we are relating human to human, and that I am not 'just a patient', or a disease, or a number, or a paycheck. She treats the whole person not just the body, and looks at emotional & spiritual wellbeing as well. My health has considerably improved since working with Dr. Anderson. Before I started working with Dr. Anderson, the cost was my biggest concern. But the financial investment is worth it! The money and grief from seeing doctors that don't help costs more (financially and emotionally) in the long run. Health is priceless and worth the investment. And working with someone who is a true supporter and ally is also worth it.

"This has been a life-changing experience for me and I am beyond grateful for all the help Dr. Anderson has given me."

My health and life have improved in monumental ways since I started working with Dr. Anderson. I finally understand why I have felt the way that I do. This has given me such a better outlook on life and has helped me feel so much healthier and happier. Dr. Anderson has a gift for making people feel comfortable and valued. I’ve never had to worry about judgement or embarrassment while discussing my health issues. This has been a life changing experience for me and I am beyond grateful for all the help Dr. Anderson has given me. I will use the knowledge I have learned for the rest of my life. I am so happy with the progress I have made and how much better I feel. Working with her is unbelievably different than working with other healthcare providers. I have never made so much progress and felt so cared for by a doctor. Dr. Anderson spends a great deal of time explaining everything in very simple terms for me so that I can accurately understand what is going on with me and my body. It is hard to put a price on the amazing benefits that come from working with Dr. Anderson.

"Dr. Anderson is kind-hearted, highly skilled, who both listens and communicates exceedingly well."

Before working with Dr. Anderson, I had to constantly advocate for my health and it was way too much for me. I know from past doctor visits that typical doctors neither have the time nor enough experience as to how to begin digging into all the perplexing symptoms presented by my autoimmune disease. I finally have the peace of mind that I’m working with someone who can take the "reins" and help me finally dig further into my health issues. I feel a great sense of relief as I trust Dr. Anderson’s knowledge and experience. She’s been extremely thorough, never quickly jumping to conclusions, but taking time to try to ensure that no rock is left unturned. She's passionate about digging until she finds answers. I have been so encouraged by her unwavering support! Having her guide my journey to finding answers and improved health has saved so much time, hassle, even money and stress! Lastly, Dr Anderson is kind hearted, highly skilled, who both listens and communicates exceedingly well.

"She won’t give up until she’s helped you heal and resolve your issues."

Dr. Anderson consistently goes above and beyond. Not only did she read my health history but she immediately found issues that had been missed by other doctors. She made a statement after reading my history that I'd been suffering with some issues for a long period of time. That statement helped me because so many other doctors didn't acknowledge that I was sick or had ailments that needed treating! Dr. Anderson asks me about every aspect of my life, not just my physical health, and she incorporates that info into my healing. She role models spiritual & emotional health and has given me resources and coaching to better mine. Dr. Anderson treats me like a friend and gives more than expected. She responds to my questions between appointments with more info than I expect. She makes me feel loved. It's less expensive to pay for Dr. Anderson’s help than it is not to! If you don’t work with Dr. Anderson, the cost of guessing how to resolve your issues is going to be costly in terms of "banging your head against the wall" trying different things, your loss of quality of life, and your time. Dr. Anderson is also incredibly efficient and giving of her time. She won’t give up until she’s helped you heal and resolve your issues. Thank you, Dr. Anderson, for walking through life alongside me...I don't know what I'd do without you.

"Dr. Anderson is the best doctor I've ever had! It's a pleasure to work with her."

Every aspect of my life has improved since seeing Dr. Anderson. All my symptoms have decreased. I'm able to function normally everyday and take care of and play with my family. I feel more like myself again and like my body is my own. Dr. Anderson actually helps people find their root causes and helps improve their lives!! She listens and shows that she cares. She’s easily accessible to ask random questions and always very positive about receiving them (never annoyed or burdened by the extra time & work it takes to answer). She knows her patients and knows what their body's may be able to handle or not and is very careful not to trigger a flare. Dr Anderson frequently checks in with patients to see how they are doing which is heartwarming and mind blowing. Dr. Anderson is the best doctor I've ever had! It's a pleasure to work with her. It's the first time I actually look forward to doctor’s appointments! At first, the financial investment may seem scary and not doable but I would encourage people to talk to you first before they decide not to do it. I was in a lot of medical debt with multiple payment plans trying to pay off the regular medical system that was not helping me get better at all. Then the best blessing was that I found Dr. Anderson. This time the money is well worth it and we see clear benefits and lots of improvements. You only have one body and one life, make the investment to feel your best and enjoy it! You're worth it!

"My health has dramatically improved since we started working together!"

Working with Dr. Anderson is a night and day difference from working with other healthcare providers. My health has dramatically improved since we started working together! My family has noticed this change and are all amazed and so happy for me. My anxiety has decreased because for the first time in my life I have a doctor that I 100% trust. It feels good to be able to truly relax and trust my doctor. Dr. Anderson is so thoughtful, thorough, well prepared, efficient, kind, amongst many other things. When I compare the price of an appointment with Dr. Anderson compared to an after-insurance price for an appointment with a conventional doctor, the difference of the out of pocket price is absolutely worth it. I would typically leave an appointment with my regular doctor feeling like none of my problems were solved and that I wasn’t actually “heard”. Dr. Anderson uses every minute of each appointment so productively and we cover more ground in one appointment than in multiple appointments that I could have had with my doctor that accepts my health insurance. Not only are the appointments more productive, but Dr. Anderson follows up with very detailed appointment notes and a plan of action. She is also available to answer any questions and concerns between appointments (and even encourages this!). I need a doctor that doesn’t give me “band-aid” fixes and can help me keep my body and mind as healthy as possible. This is the care that Dr. Deborah provides.

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