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Optimize Program

This is the final program of The Anderson Approach®. The focus is maintaining the progress you’ve made and taking your health to the next level.

Once you’ve addressed your root cause issues and you’re feeling great you’ll collaborate with Dr. Anderson to create a plan to continue the momentum.

At this stage, you’ll have a very good understanding of what your body needs to feel its best and how to structure your lifestyle to keep yourself well.

You’ll also know what your potential set-backs are, how to identify when your body may be slipping backwards, and what labs you need to keep an eye on to avoid flare ups.

At this stage, you’ll work with Dr. Anderson to create a long-term strategy plan to maintain your progress and identify ways you can continue to optimize your future health.

You may be able to take this strategy plan and return all care to your primary care doctor or you may prefer to check-in with Dr. Anderson once or twice a year for a ”tune up” and check-in.

If you choose to work with Dr. Anderson…

What You Can Expect

Two Telemedicine Visits with Dr. Anderson:

Check-In Appointment: At this visit, you’ll give Dr. Anderson a complete update on your health, share any new challenges, continue to celebrate the successes, and talk about any new questions or issues that have come up. Together, you’ll decide what updated lab work is needed.
Lab Review and Strategy Session: you’ll review your lab work with Dr. Anderson and make adjustments to your strategy plan, supplements and medications as needed. You’ll know exactly what it’ll take to maintain your progress and what steps you can take to optimize your health even further.

Updates to Your Functional Lab Analysis:

Continued lab analysis and tracking are an essential part of your success. Collecting and analyzing data helps us gauge what progress you’re making and where we may need to focus our attention.

Strategic Action Plan:

At the end of these 2-visits, you’ll get a written plan that will clearly define what steps you need to take to maintain your progress and when you need to check-in for lab updates, screening exams, and routine medical care.

Ongoing Support:

Dr. Anderson will continue to be available to you between your consultations. Even though we’ll only be meeting once or twice a year, you’ll have your “foot in the door” and Dr. Anderson will be available to you should new issues or challenges arise.

Active Patient Status:

Dr. Anderson requests that patients continue to check-in once or twice a year to remain an active patient. You’ll continue to receive all the benefits of active patients, including discounts on functional lab testing, and access to Dr. Anderson.

Optimize Plan: $880*
Timeline: 2 visits, Recommended 1-2 times per year.

* The price does not include the cost of laboratory testing or dietary supplements.

Take The First Step On

Your Journey With Me

Your first step is an introductory no obligation phone call. That’s the best way to see if partnering with Dr. Anderson is the right fit for both of you.
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