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New Patient Package

The New Patient Package includes your first two appointments with Dr. Anderson. These visits create a baseline of your health, uncover any obstacles and allow time to complete additional lab work if necessary.

The New Patient Package includes your first two visits with Dr. Anderson. These visits create a baseline of your health, uncover any obstacles, and develop the strategy necessary to get you feeling well.

Dr. Anderson places tremendous emphasis on this stage of your care. It’s essential to gather as much information as possible, order additional lab work, and take the time needed to understand your overall health picture. 

You are a collaborative partner in your care and a co-creator when it comes to formulating the best strategy to get you well. You know your body better than anyone and Dr. Anderson encourages feedback and questions as you work together to create the strategy that will get you feeling well.

What You Can Expect

Complete Case Review:

Prior to your first appointment, Dr. Anderson will spend hours reviewing your health history including past medical records and laboratory results. She will often be able to identify areas that have been overlooked and dots that haven’t been previously connected.

Two Telemedicine Visits with Dr. Anderson:

  • New Patient Appointment: At this visit, you’ll review your health history with Dr. Anderson and learn what additional blood work or functional medicine testing is needed. Please allow 75-90 minutes for this appointment.
  • Analysis and Strategy Appointment: The second visit is scheduled 3-6 weeks after your new patient appointment. Dr. Anderson will thoroughly discuss your test results and findings regarding your health. Please allow 75-90 minutes for this visit.

Specialized Functional Lab Testing

At the end of your first appointment, Dr. Anderson will recommend additional blood work and/or functional lab testing to create a comprehensive baseline of your health.* Additionally, you'll receive a written lab analysis of your current results using optimal functional medicine ranges.

Written Health Summary, Analysis and Strategy Report:

at your second appointment, Dr. Anderson will present to you a written summary of your health outlined using The Anderson Approach®️®. This will lay out the baseline of your health, identify potential obstacles and root cause concerns, and explain the overview of the strategy to get you well.

Support Between Visits:

Dr. Anderson is available to you between appointments. You’re welcome to share updates, ask questions, and request help as you need it.

Strategic Action Plans:

After each appointment Dr. Anderson will provide clearly written action plans. Included will be specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations, self-care strategies, and specifically targeted nutritional supplements.

At the end of your New Patient Package, you can expect:

New Patient Package: $1475*
Timeline: Initial 3-6 weeks, 2 appointments.

* This price does NOT include the cost of laboratory testing or nutritional supplements.

Take The First Step On

Your Journey With Me

Your first step is an introductory no obligation phone call. That’s the best way to see if partnering with Dr. Anderson is the right fit for both of you.
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