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Complete Health Program

After your New Patient Package, you’ll transition into the Complete Health Program. You’ll take what was discovered in your new patient visits and begin implementing your strategy plan.

After your New Patient Package, you’ll transition into the Complete Health Program. You’ll take what was discovered in your New Patient Package and begin implementing the strategy discussed based on your current health and your short and long-term goals.

You’ll have your written health analysis and well devised strategy plan in hand and you’ll have a clear understanding of what steps you’ll take in the next 8 visits. 

You’ll work with Dr. Anderson to prioritize the things that will make the most impact so you see noticeable results as soon as possible. Most likely, you’ll approach your healing in several stages as it’s nearly impossible to tackle everything at once.

At your appointments you’ll share your progress, celebrate the wins, talk about where you’re feeling stuck, work through challenges, and pivot if necessary. You’ll be free to share what’s working well for you and what challenges you continue to face. 

What You Can Expect

Periodic Case Review:

As with all chronic illness there is no straight line solution to get you well. Speed bumps along the way are expected. You may need to “speed up” or “slow down” based on what’s going on in your life. Dr. Anderson constantly reviews your health history, researches between appointments, and updates your strategy plan as needed.

Eight Telemedicine Visits with Dr. Anderson:

At each appointment, we’ll continue to track your progress, move through your strategy plan, make adjustments as needed, and continue to piece together your health puzzle. Visits are typically every 3-6 weeks and range from 45-60 minutes.

Updates to Your Functional Lab Analysis:

Continued lab analysis and tracking are an essential part of your success. Collecting and analyzing data helps us gauge what progress you’re making and where we may need to continue to make adjustments.

Specialized Functional Lab Testing

you’ll continue to have access to specialized functional medicine tests. As you move forward with your plan, you’ll likely need additional testing as we dive deeper into your root causes.*

Strategic Action Plans:

you’ll continually strategize with Dr. Anderson to refine your plan, strategize ways to implement lifestyle changes, and move through the several stages of your overall healing plan. Your plans will include clearly written specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations, self-care strategies and nutritional supplements for the stage of healing you’re focused on.

Ongoing Support:

Dr. Anderson will continue to be available to you between appointments. As always, you’re welcome to send updates, ask questions, and request help if you desire.

Partnership and Collaboration:

You know your body better than anyone. Dr. Anderson welcomes questions, feedback, new ideas or suggestions, This partnership creates the optimal space for your healing.

At the end of the Complete Health Program, you can expect:

At the end of the Complete Health Program you may not be “done”. Most patients who have experienced chronic illness for years (or even decades) will have multiple root cause issues that often take longer than 8 visits to resolve.

As part of your New Patient Package, Dr. Anderson will discuss with you the timeline — and how long it may take for you to get well. You’ll have clear expectations as to what progress you’ll be able to make during these 8 appointments.

Patients often enroll in another Complete Health Program, or continue seeing Dr. Anderson via “a la carte” appointments until they reach their goals and are able to move into the Optimize Program.

Complete Health Program: $3840*
Timeline: 6-12 months, 8 appointments

Payment plan available as 4 monthly payments of $1010.
*This price does NOT include the cost of laboratory testing or dietary supplements.

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